Jun 16 • 1HR 25M

4 - Cody Moser: The Science of Innovation, Core-Periphery Networks, Internet Polarization

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Alex Murshak
Alex Murshak explores minds, machines, and matters political in the spirit of overcoming system limitations.
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Cody Moser is a PhD student in the Department of Cognitive and Information Sciences at University of California, Merced. His work focuses primarily on the evolution of human behavior and human institutions.

We spoke about his work generating formal network models with agent-based modeling, the life history of organizations, core-periphery dynamics and why "loser" nodes are necessary for network innovation, the tension between explore-exploit tradeoffs in organizations, generative adaptive systems, path dependency and organizational longevity, why we want hyper-hyper polarization on the internet, and more...

"Innovators come from the outside." - Cody Moser

Cody Moser's blog: https://culturologies.co/

His Twitter: https://twitter.com/LTF_01 UC

Merced bio: https://cogsci.ucmerced.edu/content/cody-moser

His recent paper on core-periphery networks in innovation:


All Intelligence is Collective Intelligence:


The Ties That Bind Us:


Internet polarization:


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